Save the Date: FOCO-Mitgliederversammlung 2018

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6. März 2018

Samstag, den 13. Oktober, 11.30 bis Sonntag, den 14. Oktober, 13.00 Uhr in Hoffmanns Höfe in Frankfurt/

Im Hotel wurde ein Zimmerkontingent für FOCO reserviert. Wer möchte, kann sich dort jetzt schon unter dem Betreff „Forum Community Organizing“ anmelden. Inhaltlich wollen wir mit Euch über die Perspektiven von CO in Deutschland und ebenso auch von FOCO beraten. Stichworte hierzu sind: Wer sind die zentralen Akteure? Was die zentralen Themen? Welche Finanzierungsmöglichkeiten und Fördertöpfe gibt es für Community Organizing in Deutschland? Was sind geeignete Strukturen?

Nähere Infos dazu und zu aktuellen Aktivitäten von FOCO (Einladung zur Mitgliederversammlung&Arbeitstagung, Train-the-Trainer-Treffen,

Drei-Tages-Training für Fachhochschulen u.v.a.m.) erhalten Sie im nächsten FOCO-Rundbrief.






Citizen Participation University

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27. Februar 2018

The world we currently live in is scarred by racism and social and economic exclusion. It reflects deep imbalances of power.

We remain committed to changing this world.

But what is our vision of the world we want to live in? It is a deceptively simple question, but it goes to the heart of what the community organizer Gary Delgado asked in his essay The Last Stop Sign:

“We must not be afraid to use analytical and ideological tools to develop political vision. By political vision, I mean a vision that takes us past the strategies of a campaign, a power analysis of key players, or the tactics of a good accountability session. In order to be a critical element in future change efforts, we must work with our constituents to develop our vision of a future society.”

The CPU weaves together a popular education-based curriculum that recognizes there is no one “right way” to achieve the world we want to live in. Rather the CPU is, in the words of one participant, an “open-air, open-sourced, peer-to-peer university; it can be described as an important space for solidarity, learning and knowledge-sharing in times of shrinking civic space.”

In this open environment, CPU 2018 will build on methods and community interventions ranging from anti-racist organizing to youth work; from community development to community organizing; from social work to public sector administration, from media literacy to theater and art…and so much more! Join us!

Visit us here!